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Bruno Medici Consultant - Architect

web - medias - cloud - opensource - high-availability - security

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Master degree in engineering at Telecom Lille

  • Mobile communications: GSM, UMTS
  • Marketing of information technologies


  • Mobility
  • France, english-speacking areas, world
  • English: nearly fluent
  • TOEIC rate 920 (/990)
  • Italian: basic knowledge (father)


  • Télécom Lille Engineer
  • 2005-2006 (France, aka ENIC)
  • Training and workshops
  • RailsConf 2010 (Baltimore)
  • RailsConf 2009 (Las Vegas)
  • ParisOnRails 2007 (Paris)
  • RailsConf 2007 (Berlin)
  • PHP Conference 2004 (Amsterdam)
  • PHP Conference 2002 (Munich)
  • Cisco CSPFF & CSPFA (Cisco Security PIX Firewall Advanced)
  • DUT GTR Télécoms et réseaux
  • Higher National Diploma, telecoms and networks, Nice-Sophia-Antipolis France (2000)
  • Baccalauréat Scientifique
  • 1998, School diploma
  • PSC1 civil emergency prevention


  • Photography
  • Studio, tourism, portrait, lighting, urban exploration
  • General aviation
  • Ultralight pilot license (BB)
  • Private pilot license in progress (PPL)
  • Scuba diving
  • L2/CMAS** certified divers (AdvancedOpenWater)
  • Community & opensource
  • Mirror for Linux' in France
  • Several NTP stratum-3 time servers
  • President of LilleSansFil
  • Association promoting free metropolitan wireless network
  • Organized events related to citizen initiatives, free software and wireless projects
  • Strategy development, press and institutions relations
  • Embedded systems, mesh networking, distributed services
  • RubyOnRails
  • RoR development RoR, service-oriented architectures, agility

Special skills

Web and media architectures

  • Complex and redundant platforms, high availability and capacity, optimization
  • Opensource hosting, RubyOnRails and LAMP systems
  • Radware/BigIP load balancing, Juniper/Arkoon/PF firewalling
  • Server virtualization, storage, PKi and certificate-based security
  • Web technologies and standards such as HTML/CSS, AJAX, RubyOnRails, Drupal

Innovation and project support

  • Business needs analysis, project planning, technical choices and arbitration about architecture
  • Call for tenders, providers and partners identification (RFI, RFP, RFQ)
  • End-to-end process from engineering, specifications, production and support cycles
  • Opensource software ecosystem expertise and web2 trends
  • Great knowledge of web and medias areas: tech, business, economic aspects
  • Features and architecture auditing, optimization and recommendation

Areas of expertise (advanced / expert)

  • Industrial systems with demanding capacity (VoD, e-commerce, news channels)
  • Load balancing and systems availability (health, web, banking industries)
  • Internet standards: Debian GNU/Linux, Apache, MySQL, Postfix, Nginx, DNS, SMB/CIFS, Squid, OpenLDAP
  • Software architecture engineering (frameworks), tuning, versionning (SVN, GIT)
  • RubyOnRails (rails 3, GIT/SVN, Capistrano, TextMate, Passenger)
  • Network architecture, routing and security, HTTP proxies, filtering, 802.1q
  • Virtualization and cloud computing, mass virtual hosting

Work experience - main projects

Video platform reengineering architect

France Télévisions Editions Numériques
Paris, 2014-2015
  • Main architect of he new Replay production platform at France Télévisions (all video contents, 18 months project, many experts) - in charge of:
  • Full conception of the new platform, workflows and technologies, from scratch
  • REST-API architecture based on micro-services orchestrated by an in-house scheduler
  • General and detailed technical specifications, API authoring, developers team support and coaching
  • Agile (Scrum) organization across every aspect of the project (specifications, development, deployments, partial
  • Successful production since Q2 2015, fully operational 300+ programs per day
  • Author of the “rest-ftp-daemon” open source project
  • in charge of all file transfers to our contractors
  • monitored by NewRelic, CodeShip deployments, CodeClimate quality
  • Leader for the re-conception of the central video assets system
  • Raising awareness about state-of-the-art: SOA, REST, micro-services
  • Project leadership with technical teams and top managers
  • Strategic collaboration on several projects across the Group
  • architecture workframe for Zoom, on-demand recommended contents
  • in charge of architecture for the cross-products tagging system
  • connected TV services upgrades
  • overhaul of the platform for channels and programs websites
  • Leader of the global messaging system( AMQP) for realtime notifications between:
  • every platform in the Group (Pluzz, CultureBox, FranceTV Info/Sports/Education...)
  • commercial partners (, Orange...)

Hosting specialist - change management

Société Générale
Paris, 2013, 6 months
DenyAll rWeb, ActivNetwork, banque, transition, coordination projet
  • Took over the activity of the branch Crédit du Nord: integration and maintenance perimeters (L2, L3).
  • Tansferred knowledge and documentation
  • Dispatched skills and methods within multiple teams on Société Générale side
  • Acquired leadership for ongoing integration projects as well as new topics
  • Helped takeover for L2 and L3 support teams
  • Studied convergence of Crédit du Nord and Société Générale solutions, methods and technologies
  • Successfull operations: excellent level of cooperation with legacy teams and new teams; support and project ar organised and fully operationnal

Consulting architect - network and security

Réau (Paris Area), 2012, 3 months
50k+ users, cisco, bluecoat, juniper, arkoon, ironport, BigIP, defence and security
  • Handled transfer of skills and responsability for the whole company network bastion, from SNECMA branch team to SAFRAN headquartes
  • Explored perimeter, methods and potential risks
  • Reverse engineering and back-documentation of main topics
  • Internet technologies culture and expertise: email, DNS, network security and web filtering, etc
  • Consolidation de diverses plateformes multi-sites

Urbanist & architect for the new VoD platform

Logo canalplus
Paris, 2011-2012, 18 months
Medias, urbanism, architecture, global workflow, transcoding, big storage, delivery
  • Urbanized target video-on-demand plateforms for the whole CANAL+ group
  • Rationalization of systems and methods for every offer like CanalSat, Canal+, CanalPlay Infinity and replay-tv (encoders, media provisioning, etc)
  • Introduced SOA concepts and global workflow functions
  • Described and modelled business process for the entire VoD production stack
  • Defined the target architecture
  • Generic webservice interfacing with input functions, transformation and transcoding, media files provisionning to partners.
  • Wrote technical sepcifications basis
  • Lead the call for bids for the workflow engine function
  • RFI and RFP with 12 major media providers, international and national partners (documents mainly written in English).
  • Proof-of-concept deployed for best solutions.
  • Project ran in close cooperation with CTOs and top management
  • Animated the storage restructuring project within Diffusion branch (> 1 petabyte)
  • Made technical recommandations for workspace storage (transcoding), distribution and long-term archives
  • Introduced horizontal and vertical scalability aspects

Internet and security architect

Crédit du Nord, Société Générale
Lille, 2010, 1 year
Security, architecture, DenyAll rWeb, IBM TAM, Radware WSD/ODS
  • In charge of technical architecture and evolutions of Customers Internet platforms for Crédit du Nord and 8 branches
  • Several firewalls, reverse proxies, load balancers, IPS, Redhat/OpenBSD
  • HTTP expertise, caching, filtering, L7 routing trhough Apache mod_rewrite
  • Load balancing and optimisations
  • Brought method and tools for configuration versionning and deployment
  • Defined hosting architecture for Mobile Internet services (customers of 8 branches/banks)
  • Mobile-specific caching, protocols and compression
  • Revived staging platform to allow better testing and team work (same as production)

Architect onboard service platform on TGV trains

Paris, 2009, 6 months
Audit, architecture, embedded, service portals, industrial, ruby on rails, php
  • Defined and built a service platform with internet access, aboard of TGV-Est trains
  • Audited and qualified the technical architecture proposed by the consortium: Orange, Cap Gemini, Alstom, Eutelsat.
  • Recommanded modifications and improvements, worked on the possible commercial offers based on this.
  • Participated in the founding of the joint venture between Bollore-SNCF
  • Defined technical functionnal architecture for onboard and ground-train link
  • Directed development of embedded-specific interfaces

Audit and content-delivery providers selection

Paris, 2008, 1 month
Akamai, Drupal, high traffic load
  • Audited coupling between business-critical systems and content-delivery providers
  • Published optimization rcommendations for the hosting architecture, set basis for a tender session

Information system architect

Reims & Chaumount Hospitals
Reims (France), 2008, 3 months
Medical area, data security, national repository, LDAP, ruby on rails, PKI, postgresql
  • Set up a system federeating data for several hospitals
  • Case study and recommendation of a technical architecture, security expertise, workflow
  • Project office, call for tender, facilitated developpements

Web and medias strategy consultant

Paris, 2007, 6 months
Gestion de projet, web, broadcast, akamai, streaming, team-building, opensource, international
  • Lead the 2007 coverage of the French presidential election on the web (1 month, extremely intensive)
  • Animated the dedicated project-oriented team: moderators, translators, 20 international bloggers.
  • Experimentation of the media convergence (broadcaster, internet and television audience).
  • Website providing live video streaming, real-time breaking news and campaigners results, internet visitors reactions, 5 webcams in the newsrooms, at the information source.
  • SMS-number offering interaction to the audience.
  • Strategic support for the IT department
  • Strengthened the image of France24 in the world, and on the blogosphere (more than 98'000 visitors for both ballots).
  • Built the team and the methods around the required technical skills. Many various projects were started thereafter, within the channel's teams (Cannes Festival, general elections, etc)
  • Conducted and wrote the call for tender for the new web infrastructure

Co-founder and CTO of Itool Systems

Itool Systems, SaaS software
Lille (France), 2001-2005
Innovation, entrepreneurship, opensource, projet management, capital and shares
  • Coordinated development, support, marketing, and partners' activities
  • Business: web-based accounting software, business-critical tools for our customers.
  • Obtained an Innovation Trophy at the Accountants Annual Congress in 2001. IntraBlog Award in 2007. Integrated and then absorbed Atomis
  • Analyzed customers requests, managed development team (5)
  • Realizations as a team leader: Itool Compta, Itool Facto, Itool Scan, Itool GED, APG Facto, press routing solutions, data-exchange hub with partners...
  • Designed billing infrastructure and online registration processes.
  • Production executive, in charge of quality of services, platform/clusters architect
  • Supplied technological intelligence, ergonomics of applications, development methodology.
  • Robustness-oriented hosting, 20 servers over 4 sites, hosting platform certified by IBM's SPC lab.
  • Service availability: 99,96% over the year, ranked nr1 by ip-label (may 2005)

Team leader, development of Itool Compta

ATOMIS, Web agency
Lille, 2000-2002
asp/saas, php/mysql, framework, haute-dispo métier, sécurité
  • Designed an online accounting solution.
  • Built the technical basis of the « itool » line of products.

More freelancing experiences

  • Set up a virtualized hosting service (Lille France)
  • Cooperated to launch a web application (market: associative, 2008)
  • Designed information system frame for France Machines Outils (Lille France, 2006)
  • Marketing assistant, web promotion - Hôtel Masséna Nice **** (Nice French Riviera, 1998)