Main skills

Innovation projects & tech leadership (CTO)

Wide culture of the medias and web area - technologies, concerns, trends

Team build-up, design, realization, deployment, support

Functionnal analysis, planning, technology choices and decisions

Requests for bid, partners and contractors identification

Web architecture & pragmatic change management

Defining infrastructure guidelines and urbanization

Mentoring teams in implementation and skill development

Implementing micro-service architecture, containerization (Docker)

Virtualization and cloud migration (private/public)

API-First, JAMStack architectures

Technical expertise

High-traffic hosting platforms (VoD, e-commerce, information medias)

DevOps transformation & continuous integration CI/CD

HTML/CSS, Git, RubyOnRails, DNS, Debian, MySQL/MariaDB, Apache/Nginx, Postfix

Network architecture from L2 to L7, proxies, VLAN 802.1q

IoT ecosystems and smart home, distributed platforms

Work experience

2017 | 2.5 years
Paris (France)

Solutions Architect - Digital business unit
La Française des Jeux (FDJ)

Defined the target micro-services architecture

Defined and executed the migration to REST and micro-services patterns

Raised management and other teams awareness to state-of-the-art patterns

Handled tech choices, data modeling, execution along with teams

Supervised and guided development teams

Montored tech-lead developpers with weekly workshops

Organized and presented several internal talks - projects feedback, RabbitMQ messaging...

In charge of projects architecture dfnition for day-to-day projects

Set up continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) using Docker

Containerization on Docker Swarm and automated pipelines for new projects

Offered guidance and skills development for quality assessment and production teams

Built a reference team based on NodeJS/MongoDB + lean management

Introduced the first NodeJS and MongoDB stack company-wide

Implemented full automatization of the development process (build, test, deploy)

Obtainted strong involvement of developers, testers, business experts and quality teams

2016 | 1 year
Paris (France)

Micro-services platform architect

Refined the transformation trajectory of the IT department and led the movement

Sensibilisation de la Direction par la cartographie et l'illustration des principes d'architecture

Mentoring des tech-leads et évengélisation permantente (ateliers hebdomadaires)

Diverses présentations effectuées (retours d'expérience, messaging temps-réel sur RabbitMQ, ...)

Automated and implemented CI/CD practices (on containers and private cloud)

Conversion des équipes à la production d'imges Docker pour la production

Mise en oeuvre du pattern BFF pour les fronts - agrégation de services et séparation data/vue

Developed technical models for the new architecture

Développement de micro-services modèles pour l'exemple (Ruby, Sinatra, MongoDB)

Mise en oeuvre du pattern BFF pour les fronts - agrégation de services et séparation data/vue

Intégration des concepts dans les développements existants pour obtenir une démonstration concrète

2014 | 4 years
Paris (France)

Architect - Video/VoD platform re-ngineering
FranceTV Editions Numériques

Built the new replay platform handling all the contents (18-months project, several experts)

Defined a new REST-API and micro-services-based architecture, orchestrated by our in-house scheduler

Studied and rationalized VoD business workflows, defined APIs, coached development teams(PHP/Symfony2)

Iterated over specifications, development, aiming to continuous deployment)

Successful production since Q2 2015, fully operational 300+ programs per day

Initiated and build the “rest-ftp-daemon” open source micro-service project

See "Opensource projects" below

Initiated the global messaging system for realtime notifications (AMQP)

Connecting each platform of the Group (Pluzz, CultureBox, FranceTV Info/Sports/Education...)

Interacted with commercial partners (, Orange...)

Led strategic collaboration on several projects across the Group

Defined architecture workframe for Zoom (on-demand recommendation of content)

Managed architecture for the cross-products tagging system

Connected TV services upgrades, overhaul of the platform for "channels and programs" websites

2013 | 6 months
Paris (France)

Hosting specialist - change management
Société Générale

Re-integrated the Crédit du Nord branch activity (integration and maintenance perimeters L2/L3)

Studied convergence of Crédit du Nord and Société Générale solutions and technologies

Acquired leadership for ongoing integration projects, helped takeover for L2 and L3 support teams

Successfully built a cooperating ecosystem between legacy teams and new teams

Transferred knowledge and documentation to each team on Société Générale side

2012 | 3 months
Réau (France)

Consulting architect - network and security

Took over skills and responsability of network security from SNECMA branch to headquarters

Explored perimeter, methods and potential risks

Reverse engineering and back-documentation of main topics

Consolidation de diverses plateformes multi-sites

Brought internet technologies expertise about email, DNS, network security and web filtering

2011 | 18 months
Paris (France)

Architect - Video/VoD platform re-ngineering

Urbanized multiple video-on-demand plateforms for the Group, defined the target architecture

Proposed architecture rationalization for offers like CanalSat, Canal+, CanalPlay Infinity and replay-tv (encoders, media provisioning)

Described and modelled business processes for the entire VoD production stack, wrote technical specifications basis

Introduced micro-services, defined APIs (ingest, transcoding, file provisionning, monitoring)

Led the call for bids for the workflow engine function

Coordinated RFI and RFP with 12 international media providers (documents writtendin English)

Organized proofs-of-concept for the top5, project in close cooperation with CTOs and top management

Managed the storage restructuring project within Diffusion branch (above 1 PB of data)

Made technical recommandations for transcoding storage, distribution and long-term archives

Led the project team, defined specifications, horizontal and vertical scalability

2010 | 1 year
Lille (France)

Internet and security architect
Crédit du Nord, Société Générale

Practiced technical architecture and evolutions of Customers Internet platforms

Worked with several several firewalls, reverse proxies, load balancers, IPS, Redhat/OpenBSD

Used HTTP expertise, caching, filtering, L7 routing trhough Apache mod_rewrite

Introduced methods and tools for configuration versionning and deployment

Defined hosting architecture for Mobile Internet services (customers of 7 branches/banks)

Implemented mobile-specific caching, protocols and compression

Revived staging platform to allow better testing and team work (same as production)

2009 | 6 months
Paris (France)

Architected onboard platform for TGV trains

Defined and built a service platform with internet access, aboard of TGV-Est trains

Audited the technical architecture proposed by the consortium Orange, Cap Gemini, Alstom, Eutelsat

Recommanded updates and improvements leding to new commercial opportunities

Participated in the founding of the joint venture between Bollore-SNCF, key public project

Defined technical functionnal architecture for onboard and ground-train link

Directed development of embedded-specific interfaces

2008 | 1 months
Paris (France)

Audit and content-delivery providers selection

Audited coupling between business-critical systems and content-delivery providers

Published optimization rcommendations for the hosting architecture, basis for a tender session

2008 | 3 months
Reims (France)

Information system architect
Reims & Chaumount Hospitals

Set up a system federating data for several hospitals, sase study and recommendation of a technical architecture, security expertise, workflow

Helped project office, requests for bid, facilitated developments

2007 | 6 months
Paris (France)

Web and medias strategy consultant

Lead the 2007 coverage of the French presidential election on the web

Animated the dedicated team -(moderators, translators, 20 international bloggers)

Experimentation of the media convergence (broadcaster, internet and television audience)

Live video streaming, realtime voting results, internet visitors reactions, SMS-number offering interaction to the audience, 5 webcams in the newsrooms (98k+ visitors for both ballots)

Provided strategic support for the IT department

Strengthened the image of France24 in the world, and on the blogosphere

Built the team and the methods around the required technical skills

Implemented various projects thereafter, within the channel's teams (Cannes Festival, general elections)

Conducted and wrote the request for bid for the new web infrastructure

2001 | 5 years
Lille (France)

Co-founder and CTO of Itool Systems
Itool Systems, SaaS software editor

Associate and co-founder, board member

Itool Systems creates and sells online business solutions for SMC and Professional Accounants

Launched portal (Prof accountants) and (SME market)

Obtained an Innovation Reward at the Accountants Annual Congress in 2001, IntraBlog Award in 2007.

Integrated and then absorbed Atomis

Architect and production executive

Designed billing infrastructure and online registration processes.

Deployed a robustness-oriented hosting cluster (20 servers over 4 sites) certified by IBM's SPC lab.

Reached great service availability avg 99,96% ranked n1 by ip-label in May 2005

Development team manager (5)

Realized as a team leader - Itool Compta, Itool Facto, Itool Scan, Itool GED, APG Facto, press routing solutions, data-exchange hub with partners.

Supplied technological intelligence, ergonomics of applications, development methodology.

2000 | 2 years
Lille (France)

Team leader, development of Itool Compta
Atomis, Internet Services

Designed an online software offer

Built the Itool line of products - accounting, invoicing, digital documents management

Opensource projects


Industrial-grade files transfers on FTP/sFTP/FTPs/S3 controlled by a RESTful API.

Instrumented by NewRelic, build by CodeShip+BuddyWorks, code quality by CodeClimate.

Deployed in production since 2016 for France Télécisions - transferring 300+ video files 2TB+ daily.

rbpm - Ruby Business Process Manager

Workflow manager to orchestrate RESTful microservices.

pushyd - Realtime push messages proxy

Realtime events diffusion from an AMQP broker to partners (HTTP POST).

Used by France Télévisions to propagate start/end program events to VoD partners


Dependencies computing and graphing between microservices, scanned on Gitab repositories.